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Whisker Switch

Whisker Switch

Whisker Switch

A JMP Whisker Switch is a sub miniature SPDT micro switch which includes an attached wire actuator, which may be formed to your specification. Our standard whisker switches are available with a 3″ wire actuator with multiple mounting options available.

Common Applications

Whisker switches are commonly used as a locating switch on an assembly line or conveyor. If an item is out of place and moves the whisker, the plunger is activated sends an alarm to the operator. Another common application allows vending machines to function, the wire actuates the micro switch by the insertion of money and pressing of buttons to dispense the appropriate item into the drawer.

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For custom applications whisker arm design, plunger options and other contact form options available. Contact us for your custom equipment needs.

For our standard available options, please visit our online shop.

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