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JMP Snap Action Micro Switches, by CEMCO

JMP Snap Action Micro SwitchesSenasys acquired the CEMCO JMP snap action micro switch product line in 2010. Many of our other switching and sensing products use alike micro switches making it a simple decision that we should design and manufacture micro switches ourselves! Since acquiring the product line we have made a number of improvements including technical support, more custom options and testing. Click here to purchase one of our micro switches!

If you are looking to purchase a million micro switches, we are not your best option.

If you are looking for 1,000 or 10,000 custom micro switches to meet your application specifications, click here to contact us today!

Snap Action Micro Switch

A micro switch reacts to environment changes by opening and/or closing a set of switching contacts to control an appliance. When the switch senses movement from it’s surroundings, a plunger is pressed or released to open or close a circuit. The plunger actuator requires a specific amount of force against it to change the contact mode, which is one of our custom options!

Each micro switch has a plunger actuator to change the contact mode, but many have an additional actuator such as a float or sail, to sense the environment change, such as liquid level or air flow. Senasys offers many different actuator options in addition to the basic plunger design:

  • Sail/Paddle Actuator
  • Leaf Actuator
  • Styrene Float Actuator
  • Whisker Actuator
  • Roller Actuator

For more information about where certain actuators are used, visit our application notes!

To purchase a JMP micro switch for your application, visit our online store or send a request for quote.

Check out this helpful PDF for more information!

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