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Sail Switch Turns on Auxiliary Fan

Sail Switch Senses Air Flow

Sail Switches Sense Air Flow in HVAC

The JMP sail switches have been used for many years to sense the air flow in HVAC Systems. One of our manufacturers had a need for a booster fan. They added a JMP Sail switch into the air stream of an exhaust duct. When air flow was sensed by the slight gentle movement of the sail the JMP switch activated an auxiliary blower to evacuate the air quickly. The flexible design of the different mounting options made it a quick fit.

JMP Sail Switches

This switch is a stable, low cost solution for sensing air flow and pressure. The sail or paddle is mounted to the snap acting switch, actuating the plunger when air pressure is sensed. The switch is typically mounted in a return air flow duct where the sail will be in the direct path of an unobstructed air stream.

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