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Sail Switches Measure Air Flow in System

Sail Switches Sense Air Flow

Commonly the JMP sail switches are used in HVAC systems to sense air flow. When air flow is lost in the duct system, the switch will kick on a booster fan. The sail is attached to a 3 inch leaf, and as air is passing by the switch, the leaf actuates the microswitch plunger signaling air flow is present.

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JMP Sail Switch Product Details

Sail Switch

Because of the simplicity of the JMP sail switches, they’re a great solution for this application. If a small amount of air flow is passing through the system, by increasing the sail size and leaf length, the switch can capture this. Also, the switch can be mounted anywhere in the duct system. As air travels through a system it loses the amount of force. Therefore changing the location of the switch – closer or farther away from the air source – will change the sail’s size or leaf length.

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So, the question is what sail size or leaf length should be in the duct system? Senasys recommends trying our standard sail switch available for purchase online. Place the switch in the duct system, and if the switch senses the air flow, great. If not, try moving the switch closer to the air source. If it still isn’t sensing the small amount of air flow, spot weld a larger sail or increase the leaf length. Senasys can build a custom switch to meet the application requirements. Send us the switch details that fit into the application.

For more information about our sail switches in duct systems, visit the product page.

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