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Review of Sensitive Light Force Plunger Switch

Here at Senasys, we get a lot of joy in hearing how well our products are working for our customers. The below review by Jim Heathcock on his purchase of our Sensitive Light Force Plunger Switch is no exception of this!

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“I decided to go with the “Sensitive Light Force Plunger Switch” to control the on/off function of my motorcycle engine cooling fan. I made a sail switch to interrupt the fan power anytime the bike is moving 20 mph or more. I didn’t even know a light force switch was even available until visiting this website. The switch is of a very good quality and the price was great so I bought one. Wish I had bought a spare. I’d like to upload pictures of my setup but I don’t see that option. I highly recommend both the switch and JMP Switches.”-Jim Heathcock

Thank you so much for that glowing review Jim!

The sensitive Light Force Sail Switch Jim purchased is designed to detect low amounts of air flow. Made using our L42AD-AN00A1-01 plunger switch, this sail switch is good for applications where our standard sail switch isn’t quite sensitive enough. It features a 3” x 2” x 0.002” sail, and uses a UL approved Tone luck switch.

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