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Whisker Switch

Whisker Switch

The whisker switch is commonly used as a locating switch on an assembly line or conveyor. If an item is out of place the whisker senses the movement applying force onto the snap switch’s plunger causing the contacts to operate, The whisker wire design can be custom to fit your application, such as angle or length. Whiskers switches are easy to wire and install.

Choose from multiple mounting designs:
• Spring clip
• Four hole side mount
• L bracket

General Product Specifications Available:
• SPDT and SPST – NO or NC
• Ampere ratings up to 12A@125V and 6A@ 250V.
• Base series designed for operating temperatures up to 150° F.

Custom options are available for our whisker switch such as control plunger length and location, material type and operating force. Contact us today for more information!

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