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Variety of Plunger Micro Switches

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CEMCO JMP Switches, a division of Senasys, offers three different plunger micro switch options, and can customize the plunger actuator to meet your applications needs. Our snap action switches have a cycle lifetime over 6,000. The three below plunger switches offer different operational force, contact ratings and other features. Each switch can be paired with a custom actuator such as a whisker wire or sail.

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JMP100 Plunger Micro Switch
Plunger Switch, Micro Snap Action Switch

The JMP100 plunger switch is designed for efficiency and durability in mind. The JMP100 has an operating force of between 20 and 27 grams. The JMP100 micro plunger switch is the best option when looking to meet application specifications. Senasys can customize the switch from actuator location, force levels, and mounting hardware.


Switch Circuit: SPDT, SPST Normally Open or Normally Closed

Contact Ratings: Up to 12A@125V and 6A@ 250V

Approvals: RoHS, Reach

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D489 Plunger Micro SwitchPlunger Micro Switch

Senasys also supplies the Cherry D489 plunger miniature snap action switch. The D489 use tight tolerances and has a small footprint for the smallest machine space yet the most accurate and repeatable results possible.

The D489 plunger switch has a thermoplastic plunger. The arc resistant thermoplastic polyester body ensures the highest degree of durability resisting external actuation.This small and accurate switch makes a very reliable choice for any application.


Switch Circuit: SPDT, SPST Normally Open or Normally Closed

Contact Ratings: 21 A, 250 VAC; 1 HP, 125 VAC; 2 HP, 250 VAC

Approvals: UL, ULC, RoHS, Reach,

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L42AD Plunger Micro Switch
Plunger Micro Switch

The L42 plunger switch is made with the most sensitive applications in mind. With an actuation weight of only 15 grams combined with a travel variance of .3mm and a 6-gram differential weight. This plunger switch can be tripped with the absolute minimum amount of pressure or deviation of location.


Switch Circuit: SPDT, SPST Normally Open or Normally Closed

Contact Ratings: 5(1)A 125/250VAC

Approvals: UL, ULC, RoHS, Reach,

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