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Leaf Switch

Leaf switch

JMP Leaf Switch

The leaf switch typically is used as a sensor for a positioning gauge or in an air flow application. Give us your leaf design or use one of our standard leaf’s, approximate actuator length is 3″.

Multiple mounting options include; standard four hole with no mounting bracket, spring clip, and L bracket. Ampere ratings up to 12A@125V and 6A@ 250V. Base series designed for operating temperatures up to 150°F.

Common Applications

Leaf switches can be used to detect jammed paper in photo copy machines, or identify a blockage on a production line causing the conveyor belt to stop.

The leaf switches can also be activated by the closing of an automatic garage door. As the door touches the leaf, it triggers the switch to shut off the motor and stop the motion. The leaf has a wider and larger surface area for contact compared to the whisker. It can be modified in it’s shape and it holds its shape in multiple use.

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For our standard options, please visit our online shop. Custom options available like actuator size, contact figuration, etc. Contact us for more information.

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