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Variety of Miniature Switch Mounting Options

JMP miniature switches can be customized a variety of ways, including different switch mounting options. We offer four standard options, but can build a custom bracket, clip, mounting holes to fit your application.

Our four standard options are:

  1. Clip-on Mounting Bracket
  2. End-L Mounting Bracket
  3. Bottom Mounting Bracket
  4. Direct Screw Mount

Learn more about each mounting option in further detail below, or click here to visit our online store to choose your miniature switch style.

Miniature Switch Clip-On Mounting Bracket

The clip-on bracket is good mounting solution for when you need to be able to move a switch easily. With this bracket you can simply find a location where the clip can grab and is accessible to move somewhere else.

A sail switch mounted to a clip-on bracket

End-L and Bottom Mounting Brackets

The end-L and bottom mounting brackets are a permanent mounting solution, as these are screwed down onto a surface. These brackets should be used if the switch is not going to be moved and needs to be securely in place. We also have the option to get a switch without any mounting bracket if you need something more customized for your application.

A bottom mounting bracket

Direct Screw Mount Options

Lastly, each snap action miniature switch is available with four direct screw mounting holes. This is our default mounting style, but we can customize the switch to use one of the above options.

For more information about our miniature switches or a custom switching solution, contact us!

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