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Custom Light Force Sail Switch – Motorcycle Cooling Fan

JMP Switches are a versatile control solution for many applications within the HVAC, aerospace, industrial and automotive industries. With the many custom options available, our product family surely has a switch to fit your application requirements.

Some of our customers have the capabilities to modify one of our standard switches themselves as an economical solution, such as this light force sail switch. The customer was able to purchase our sensitive light force plunger switch to control a motorcycle engine cooling fan. The switch was adapted with a sail actuator to sense the cooling fan’s air flow.

Check out the application below, or click here to contact us to discuss your light force application requirements.

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Light Force Plunger Switch Controls Cooling Fan

In his words, “I decided to go with the “Sensitive Light Force Plunger Switch” to control the on/off function of my motorcycle engine cooling fan. I made a sail switch to interrupt the fan power anytime the bike is moving 20 mph or more. I didn’t even know a light force switch was even available until visiting this website. The switch is of a very good quality and the price was great so I bought one. Wish I had bought a spare. I’d like to upload pictures of my setup but I don’t see that option. I highly recommend both the switch and JMP Switches.”


Light Force Sail Switch Controls Cooling Fan

Thanks for the great review Jim! We don’t often see users modifying our switches to such an extent, so it was a treat to see a creative application like this.

JMP Light Force Plunger Switch

The light force sail switch is designed to meet high sensitivity control applications where low force and small travel differential are allowed. The L-Series miniature switch is highly reliable and UL Approved.

  • • Operating force: 15g force max
  • • Differential force: 6g force max
  • • SPDT
  • • 5A@125/250VAC
  • • 6.3X0.8 Terminals

All of our micro switches can be customized to fit a variety of applications, click here to contact us with your application requirements.

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