Micro Snap Action Switches, Float Switches, Air Flow Sensors…

JMP Switches

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Senasys designs and manufactures a line of high quality, precise and customizable JMP snap action micro switches. Each switch is designed for custom applications where different actuators and operating forces are required.

Our extensive line of micro switches can be paired with any of the below actuators:

  • Leaf
  • Sail or Paddle
  • Styrene Float
  • Wire or Whisker

We also can provide you a basic plunger switch with different force options.

Customized to Manufacturer Specifications
  • Size, material, and performance specifications
  • Design, color and branding requirements
Made in the USA

Senasys takes pride in quality control and reliable operation of our components.

Products are designed, manufactured, tested and shipped from Senasys in Altoona, WI to clients across the globe.  Every switch is individually tested before it leaves the plant. Contact us with your custom application needs at 715-831-6353. Our direct customer service would be happy to help!

We are always looking for our customer’s feedback. If you’d like to leave us a review to be posted online, please email us at info@senasys.com.

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