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Whisker Switch In A Vending Machine

The Senasys product line, JMP Switches, includes many different customizable snap action micro switches, each designed for custom applications where different actuators and operating forces are required. We can customize the size, material and performance specifications upon requests for these switches. This includes our JMP Whisker Switch.

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A common application for these whisker switches are allowing vending machines to function properly. In order to purchase snacks or beverages from a vending machine, the machine needs to be able to recognize when you dispense your money, as well as how much. The wire actuates the micro switch by the insertion of money and pressing of buttons to dispense the appropriate item into the drawer. For example, when you dispense a coin into the machine it hits the whisker, which actuates the micro switch, and in turn determines how much the coin is worth based on its weight, as well as counts the money dispensed, allowing you to purchase the product.

A JMP Whisker Switch is a sub miniature SPDT micro switch which includes an attached wire actuator, which may be formed to your specification. Our standard whisker switches are available with a 3″ wire actuator with multiple mounting options available.

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