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Speed Switch

Our microswitches are used in a variety of applications. One such application is a speed switch. A speed switch indicates motion, speed, and assists in the control of rotating machinery.

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A common use for this switch is in plugging an electric motor. (Rapidly stopping an electrical motor by applying reverse power through a reversing contactor). Plugging increases the number of machine operations per unit of time by reducing the stopping time of the motor and the machine it drives. When used for plugging, the switch acts with a magnetic control to allow reverse power to be applied to a rotating motor. The switch automatically removes power when the motor approaches zero speed. This prevents undesirable reversing.

Speed responsive switches can be used in many other interlocking applications. For example – in a rotary kiln dryer, action must be taken immediately if the dryer stops turning. A speed responsive switch can sense dryer stoppage and turn off the heat. A similar application calls for a speed responsive switch to shut off the gas to a burner if a blower fails. Computers and expensive electronic equipment can also be shut down if a blower fails.

You can read all about speed switches here. If you have any questions about our switches, be sure to contact us.

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