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Sail Switch Modifications

Sometimes our customers will purchase one of our sail switches, and call us with the issue that the air flow they are detecting is too low to actuate the sail switch. There are a couple of quick fixes for this issue. Read below to learn more!

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The first fix has to do with the way the switch is mounted. When the switch is mounted upright with the sail on top, it will take more air flow to flip the sail in turn switching the actuator. An easy way to fix this is to use gravity to your advantage, and mount the switch upside down. This will put the sail facing down, and it will take less air flow to move the sail.Micro Switch with Paddle

The second fix is to change the size of the sail. The sail currently on the switch may not have a large enough surface area to detect the air flow. The easiest way to change this is to attach a piece of shim stock or piece of paper to the current sail, making the surface area larger. You can do this simply by taping, spot welding or gluing it onto the current sail. The larger the surface area, the less air flow it will take to actuate the sail.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve ever had an issue with a sail switch, and how you were able to modify it. We love posting about customer experiences!

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