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Sail Switch in a Thermador Oven

An issue that owners of old Thermador ovens sometimes run into is a bad sail switch. These switches are used to detect when the cooling fans are on. If the fans are not on, the cooking elements will not work. This is an important safety feature, but it also means that the oven will not work if the switch stops working. Unfortunately, Thermador no longer manufactures many of the sail switches that are found in their old ovens. However, our light force sail switch can be used as a substitute. You can find used switches on eBay that would also work, but many of them go for around $100. Either way, there’s no sense in replacing an entire oven just because one small switch stopped working.

Our Light Force Sail Switch is a sail switch designed to detect low amounts of air flow. This sail switch is good for applications where our standard sail switch isn’t quite sensitive enough. Click here to purchase our light force sail switch! 

You can check out some pictures of a sail switch inside of an oven here. If you have any questions about our switches, be sure to contact us.

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