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Plunger Switch

Plunger Switches

micro snap action switches, plunger switch, JMP100, JMPO100, JMP100C, JMP1000V,The Plunger switch is a basic micro switch. The electric plunger style switch operates with little physical force. When the plunger/actuator is pressed it either opens or closes the circuit turning on or off the device it is powered to. Each plunger switch contains a spring and a set of contacts that convert mechanical energy applied to an actuator into an electrical output. Excellent electrical characteristics with a snap action mechanism despite small design. This switch is ideal for small space applications where accuracy and reliability is expected.

The snap action plunger switch can be mounted using the 4 hole side mount, or L bracket. Our standard option is SPDT and SPST, NO or NC options available for custom applications. Ampere ratings up to 12A@125V and 6A@ 250V. Base series designed for operating temperatures up to 150 F.

Common Applications
  • Aerospace
  • HVAC

With the ability to add different arm types to the actuator makes these switches versatile in many applications. Click here to learn more about these common uses.

Senasys also supplies two other micro switch options, the D4 series miniature microswitches and sensitive light force micro switch. The D4 series have a smaller footprint and are highly reliable. Our sensitive light force micro switch is designed to meet high sensitivity control applications where low force and small travel differential are allowed.

For our standard options, please visit our online shop. Custom options such as control plunger length, operating force and plunger location available. Contact us for more information.

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