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Micro Switch Used As A Signal

Micro Switch as a Signal

JMP Micro Switch SignalsOne of our manufacturers use the JMP100 to signal if the door is closed on aircraft before take off. The small size of the switch and the durability of the plunger makes a great solution. Wired Normally Open or Normally Closed, the switch can light a display on the dash or console, and even turn off or on an overhead light. When used in a sequence they make for a quick and simple checklist.

Micro Plunger Switch Details

The Plunger switch is a basic micro switch. The electric plunger style switch operates with little physical force. When the plunger/actuator is pressed it either opens or closes the circuit turning on or off the device it is powered to. Each plunger switch contains a spring and a set of contacts that convert mechanical energy applied to an actuator into an electrical output. Excellent electrical characteristics with a snap action mechanism despite small design. This switch is ideal for small space applications where accuracy and reliability is expected.

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