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JMP Leaf Switch Locates Production Materials in Tough Environments

JMP Leaf Switch Locates Material

The JMP Micro Snap Action switch with a leaf actuator is being used to tell an automatic welder that a pipe is present and turn on the welder. The material is moving rapidly through a series of guide rollers and activating a series of leaf switches (part #LJMP1004CC11) telling the machine it has material. The switch is used in the beginning, the middle, and at the end of the process to let the equipment know everything is in place.

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Leaf Switch

About JMP Leaf Switches

Other sensors have been tried but due to the dirty steam filled environment a mechanical switch was the only device that would give the company continuous service. Senasys built them a special snap action switch with an extended leaf to fit their specifications.

As you can see pictured, the leaf switch was mounted to the outside of the equipment using an L-bracket with 6 inch wire leads. The leaf actuator extends inside the rollers where material is present.

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Sometimes a simple mechanical device is the best solution.

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