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Which Micro Switch Actuator Should I Use?

Snap Action SwitchOur JMP micro switch product line has 5 different basic types of actuators available, and each can be customized to meet your application needs.

  1. Basic Plunger
  2. Whisker (wire)
  3. Leaf
  4. Styrene Float
  5. Sail

Confused on which actuator fits your application best? Learn more about each actuator option in further detail below, or click here to visit our online store to choose your micro switch actuator style.

Basic Plunger

Each micro switch is supplied with a basic plunger actuator. When the plunger is pressed/released the micro switch contacts open/close. Our plunger actuators can be made of metal or plastic, different lengths and location are available to fit your application requirements. Once the plunger is established we can add one of the below actuator options for different applications.

Whisker Actuator

Our standard whisker actuator is a three-inch wire. This style of actuator is great for locating items on an assembly line. When the whisker senses an item’s location, it moves the plunger opening/closing the circuit.

Leaf Actuator

The leaf actuator can sense large amounts of air flow, or as a position gauge. The actuator is a three-inch piece of stainless steel that can catch large amounts of air flow functioning the micro switch’s plunger.


Styrene Float

The styrene float provides an economic solution for monitoring fluid levels. The actuator uses a longer stainless steel leaf and a styrene float. When fluid levels rise or fall the styrene senses the change and the leaf presses or releases the micro switch plunger opening/closing the circuit.

Sail Actuator

The sail actuator provides air flow with a contact output signal to building automation system, electronic air clean, or other HVAC systems. These switches are typically mounted in a return air flow duct. This is because the sail ideally needs to be in the direct path of an unobstructed air stream. When a sail or a paddle is added to the leaf the micro switch will sense air flow and pressure. The leaf length and/or sail size can be adjusted to sense minimal amounts of air pressure/flow.

For more information about our miniature switches or a custom switching solution, contact us!

You can also view this PDF for more helpful information, or fill out our Custom Request Form if you are in need of something you do not see on our website!

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