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Sail Switches Available Custom Options

Like all of our micro switches, our sail switches can be customized to work with different Micro Switch with Paddleapplications. There are several different aspects of the switches that can be customized:

  • Sail / Paddle Size
  • Leaf Length
  • Operating Force
  • Terminal Configuration
  • Mounting Brackets
  • Wire Length

The majority of our JMP switches operating force, terminal configuration, mounting brackets, and wire length can be custom to meet the needs of original equipment manufacturers. Our sail switches also give OEMs the opportunity customize the sail actuator’s size, location and more. Confused on which leaf length and sail size you need for your application? Continue reading below for more information, or click here to contact our technical support team to discuss your application requirements today!

Sail / Paddle Size

Applications that involve small amounts of air flow require larger sails. Our standard sail is approximately 1″ wide and 2″ long. By increasing the sail actuator size, the actuator is able to sense the small amount of air flow to trigger the micro switch contacts to open/close.

The weight of the sail is another piece to consider. The heavier/lighter the sail material, the easier the micro switch plunger will be pressed/released.

For more information about our custom sail actuators, contact our direct support team!

Leaf Length

Additional, the leaf length of the sail actuator may also be adjusted in length. Our standard leaf actuator is 3″, but can be modified depending not the amount of air flow to be sensed. If you are sensing a small amount of air flow, the closer the actuator can be located to the source, the better. By using a longer leaf, the sail can sense the air source from a distance to trigger the micro switch.

Our sail switches work well in any application where airflow needs to be sensed. Click here to purchase one of our standard sail switches to test, or contact us!

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