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Condensate Float Switch

Condensate Float SwitchJMP Float Switch

The JMP universal condensate float switch designed with a Stainless Steel leaf and a Styrene Float is an economic solution for monitoring liquid levels. These switches are mounted in the vertical position and are shipped in the normally open position. This switch is designed to shut off a pump or system when a liquid reaches maximum level. As the liquid level rises, the stainless steel leaf is lifted by the styrene float which applies pressure to the micro switch plunger. Once the micro switch is actuated, the system shuts down to prevent the liquid from spilling over.

These switches have multiple mounting options available. These designs include; spring clip, 4 hole side mount and L bracket. Approximate actuator length 3″, actuator can be bent to fit your application.

Common Applications

Sump pumps, condensation pumps and humidifiers. Also, these switches can be used as a trigger for a low fuel gauge indicator light or an aquarium water regulator that alerts the level of the water if it lessens.

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