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Condensate Float Switch Senses Liquid Levels

Birth of the Condensate Float Switch

The JMP float switch provides a cost effective solution for applications such as condensate drip pan monitoring. It’s designed for use in Building Automation Systems, BAS, and HVAC environments, and is available with a spring clip or an L bracket.

CEMCO Electronic Air Cleaner

It started with Bob Henry and Bob Dennis, who were both co-owners of CEMCO, one of the leaders in the electrical heating industry.Condensate Float Switch Used in Air Cleaner

In 1968, they decided to investigate a Wall Street Journal Ad about an Electronic Air Cleaner Line that was for sale. Nothing came of the Journal article but it did lead to an Air Cleaner of their own. The design was started, the tooling provided, and the initial model was introduced in 1969.

The Air Cleaner was a major project for 1969. The JMP condensate float switch was installed on the side of the dehumidifier’s condensate pan so when the switch senses the pre-defined water level is met, it actuates and shuts the unit off. As the humidifier pump pulls water out of the air, the water fills the pan. As the water rises and the float is raised, the actuator is pressed to open the circuit, stopping the humidifier’s pump until the pan is emptied.

Condensate Float Switch Monitors Liquid Level

JMP Float Switch Product Details

Float switches provide an economic solution to monitoring the most common liquid level applications in tanks and other vessels. The JMP float switch is a snap action microswitch designed with a Stainless Steel leaf and a Styrene Float. Give us your float design or use one of our standard actuators. Approximate actuator length 3″, actuator can be cut or bent by you to meet your needs. Base series designed for operating temperatures up to 150° F.

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