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Snap Action Pressure Switch

Snap Action Pressure SwitchSenasys manufactures a wide array of snap action switching and sensing solutions including the Presair brand of air pressure switches.

Pressure switches use a basic snap action switch that reacts to air pressure change. A small diaphragm assembly presses/releases the snap action switch’s plunger to open/close the circuit.

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Different snap action switches are used depending on the amount of pressure that is to be sensed. We use our lower force snap action switches, such as the Toneluck, to sense air pressure as low as 10 inches of water. And the D4 Series micro switch is common in many of our standard air pressure switches which activate when 1-1.5 psi is present.

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Pressure Snap Acting Switches

The snap action switches are activated by a minimal amount of force being put on a plunger, causing a circuit to either open or close. For example, in a Presair foot pedal, tubing connects the pedal to the switch, and when the foot pedal is pushed down air goes through the tubing and activates the switch, which then either opens or closes the circuit.

The amount of force needed to activate the the switch is customizable since different applications require different amounts of force. Pressure switches are useful in wet environments, as they keep the user a safe distance from the flow of electricity. One example of a pressure in use is in a garbage disposal. A button on a counter top is connected to a pressure switch via tubing, and is used to turn the garbage disposal on and off. Even if the counter top is wet, there is no risk of shock, as the electric current is separate from the counter top button.

snap action switches

Snap Action Switch

The D4 series miniature micro snap action switch is a highly reliable switch that offers a high level of repeat accuracy. The D4 series has high contact stability thanks to application-specific contact materials for switching currents of 100 mA to 21A@ 250 VAC. For more details about the D4 series miniature snap action switch, click here!

Toneluck brand low force snap action switch is designed to meet high sensitivity control applications where low force and small travel differential are allowed. The L-Series miniature switch is highly reliable and UL Approved. Click here to learn more.

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